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Program summary

 TypeCurrencyVisa-free Travel CountriesTime to ResidenceTotal Time to Citizenship (Incl. Visa)Asset(s)Investment AmountInterviewRequired Physical Residency To Qualify For CitizenshipTax ImplicationsInvestment Recovery (In how long)
PREUR €1722 Months6 yearsReal Estate500KYes1 week/1 yearYesYes/5 years
CitizenshipUSD $133 INCL. UK and EU-4 - 6 monthsDonation, Real EstateFrom 250K (Single Applicant) or 400KNoNoneNoYes/5 years
CitizenshipUSD $127 INCL. UK & EU-6 monthsDonation, Real EstateFrom 100K/200KNoNoneNoYes/5 Years
CitizenshipUSD $131 INCL. UK, EU, CANADA-3 - 6 monthsDonation, Real EstateFrom 200K (Fam.4)* or 400KNo5 days/5 yearsNoYes/5 years
CitizenshipEUR €157 INCL. UK, EU & CANADA-3 monthsReal Estate, Bank Deposit2MNoNoneYesYes/3 years
CitizenshipEUR €166 INCL. UK, US, EU & CANADA2 Months12- 16 monthsReal Estate + Gov. Fee + Bond1.2M (350K+650K+150K)No12 monthsYesYes
CitizenshipUSD $120 INCL. UK & EU-3 - 4 monthsDonation, Real Estate200K/350KNoNoneNoYes/4 years
PREUR €172 INCL UK, EU & CANADA2-3 Months6 yearsReal Estate500KNoNoneYesYes/5 years
PREUR €169 INCL UK, EU, US & CANADA30-50 Days7 yearsReal Estate250KNoNoneYesYes/5 years
PREUR € -2-3 Mon-Real Estate300KNoNoneYesYes
CitizenshipEUR €141 INCL. UK*6-9 Months5 yearsBond511KNoNoneYesYes/5 years
PassportUSD $1203-6 Mon-Bank Deposit390KNoNoneNoYes
CitizenshipUSD $121-3 - 4 monthsDonation, Real Estate, Gov. BondFrom 100K (single applicant)/200KNoNoneNoYes/5 years
PREUR €162 INCL. UK, US, EU & CANADA6 Months8 years**Bond300KOn requestNoneNoYes/5 years
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