European Passport and Residency Program

There are various reasons for those seeking residence in European countries. At Savory & Partners we assist our international investors looking to achieve EU residency through investment in various countries including Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Malta.

EU Permanent Residency and Golden Visa Programs are becoming increasingly common, particularity for unstable and dangerous economies, where the safety and security of one’s family is of utmost importance. By investing in these EU passport and citizenship programs, you will be offered a temporary EU residency permit as an incentive for your investment. This may eventually lead to citizenship and permanent residency in some of the programs.

Your investment may be as low as €250,000 for the Greece Residence Investment Permit, with prices ranging up to €1,280,000. With Spain, Malta and Portugal offering some of the highest ranking passports in the world, these programs are extremely popular for investors looking to travel hassle free in the Schengen zone and worldwide.

Established in 2010, Savory & Partners has been guiding our esteemed clients to European Second Citizenship. By providing the highest level of service from beginning to end, we guarantee our clients a successful application. Our international team of consultants has an unrivaled knowledge of Citizenship by Investment and Residency Programs across the globe and offer advisory services to clients ready to obtain a second EU passport in any of these countries.

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Program Advantages

Fast track programs: 3 – 4 months processing time
Immediate access to Schengen States
Enjoy tax free benefits with certain programs
Financial stability
Personal & family security
Access to state of the art healthcare and education
Register assets with no restrictions
Full Control of your wealth

Specialist European Program

Spain: Golden Visa Program
Greece: Investment Residence Permit
Malta: Individual Investor Program
Cyprus: Fast Track Citizenship Program & Permanent Residence Program
Bulgaria: Immigrant Investor Program
Hungary: Investor Resident Bond Program
Portugal: Golden Visa Program

Specialist Citizenship Programs

Antigua & Barbuda
St Kitts & Nevis
Commonwealth of Dominica
St Lucia

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