Grenada Second Passport

The Grenada CBI Program allows qualified investors and their family members to apply for an irrevocable Grenadian passport and avail all featured amenities and facilities that are covered under the Program.

Grenada recognizes dual citizenship. You are still able to hold your native passport and benefit from its legal rights. Irrespective of your first nationality, the island welcomes all potential individuals, businessmen and families of highest caliber to come and experience the high end lifestyle and natural beauty that Grenada offers.

At Savory and Partners (Grenada authorized agents) our expert consultants are able to assist you throughout the Grenada passport process. To obtain your Grenada passport contact Grenada authorized agents Savory and Partners today.

Country profile

  • Total Area: 344 sq km
  • Population: 107,600
  • Ethnic Groups: Predominantly African descent with East Indians, Lebanese/Syrians and Chinese.
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$)
  • Exchange Rate: (as of August 2015): US$ 1.00 = 2.70 EC$


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