Spain Golden Visa program

The Spain Golden Visa program offers investors and their families the opportunity to live in Spain and use the country as a base for European travel. The Program allows residency for anyone wishing to invest a minimum of €500,000 in a property in Spain, granting the right to reside in Spain and travel in Europe.

For foreign investors, acquiring a Spain residency and passport allows the possibility to operate between Europe and Mediterranean countries with easy trade links between North and South American countries.

Typically, through the Golden Visa Program, residency can be renewed after one year and again after three years if the investment is retained. The residency then becomes permanent. The investor may then apply for citizenship after a period of 5 years which allows for the issuing of a Spanish passport.

Savory and Partners is a leading CBI and passport provider, helping potential individuals, businessmen and families secure a second passport. We monitor, evaluate and regulate all possible solutions to ensure they meet the fundamental standards of the Spain Golden Visa Program. We use our intimate knowledge to ensure the highest success rate with our clients’ applications.

Country profile

  • Total Area: 504,645 sq km
  • Population: 47,740,882
  • Ethnic Groups: Predominantly white
  • Languages: Spanish with Arabic, English, German, French & Italian
  • Currency: Euro
  • Exchange Rate: (as of August 2015): US$ 1.00 = 0.90 EUR

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