Steps and Procedures

The Citizenship by Investment scheme requires applicants to provide detailed documentation as follows:

Week 1

  1. Savory & Partners shall prescreen your passport copy for Government pre-approval to ensure fast processing.
  2. A down payment of the professional fees will be required to open your application.
  3. Savory & Partners will provide assistance and advise with regards to the collection of the documents required in the checklist.

Week 2
Savory & Partners will guide you to a property in Spain property that fully suits your requirements.  We will start to prepare all the documentation required for the Residency application.

Week 3
The applicants can decide whether to travel to Spain. However, should you decide not to travel to Spain, a power of attorney may be organized to act on your behalf.

Week 4 & 5
Savory & Partners prepare property purchase documents to complete on purchase. Property purchase funds and taxes transferred.

Week 8-10
Once the Government has reviewed the file, officials advise Savory & Partners to whether the applicant has been given Residence Visa approval. Once you have obtained this visa, you are not obliged to spend a minimum amount of time in Spain during the year. However, to obtain the residency permit at the end of the year, you do have to visit Spain at least once in the year.

The Residency visas are issued to you via courier once the balance of professional fees has been paid and settled.

* Once an investment has been made, and after the first year, investors can apply for authorization to live in Spain for two years, renewable for another two years after that (and on), as long as the investment threshold of €500,000 is maintained. For this application you have to be show that you have traveled to Spain at least once in the previous 12 months. There is no limit to the amount of times this two-year residency can be renewed.

* Properties can be bought and sold during this period, so long as the investment threshold is maintained.

* The granting of residence permits is at the sole discretion of the Spanish Government but, generally, the application is only denied if the due diligence reveals that the applicant has made false statements in the application forms or other submitted documents; has engaged in criminal activities or is under investigation in relation to criminal activities; or has (or is alleged to have been) engaged in or associated with any activity that would bring disrepute to Spain.

Country profile

  • Total Area: 504,645 sq km
  • Population: 47,740,882
  • Ethnic Groups: Predominantly white
  • Languages: Spanish with Arabic, English, German, French & Italian
  • Currency: Euro
  • Exchange Rate: (as of August 2015): US$ 1.00 = 0.90 EUR

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