What we do

Welcome to Savory and Partners, the leading citizenship provider for quick, legal, second passport and citizenship programs with little or no residency requirements. With its team of highly experienced consultants, Savory and Partners is a British run company headquartered in Dubai, UAE.


Savory & Partners takes the complexity out of citizenship applications. Our multilingual staff identify and solve problems in advance, taking care of all your documentation, maintaining confidentiality at all times. We hold your hand.


Speed is secondary only to results. Years of experience are the foundations of a smooth, swift application process. The lifeline of our business depends on our ability to expedite your file towards a successful conclusion. We give you peace of mind.


We guarantee the provision of your new citizenship - or a 100% refund of your Government investment outlay. We also ensure any real estate reservation deposits subject to approval are contractually refundable or held in escrow for your protection.



Attaining second citizenship is a life-changing moment. A day you will never forget. At Savory & Partners we have witnessed this many times, as clients celebrate their new life of freedom, security and financial opportunity.


The issuance of your new citizenship need not signal the end of our client relationship. Should you wish to supplement your citizenship with services such as property management, banking, company formation and tax advisory, we are by your side.


Your new citizenship cannot be revoked and its validity is not limited by the passport expiry date or by any changes to the Citizenship by Investment Program. In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, you will have the security and peace of mind offered by a second passport.

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