Relocating to the EU: What is the fastest route to obtain EU Citizenship? Part 2

Moving to Cyprus offers a unique Mediterranean experience. The country draws on both Europe and Asia and has many cultural influences, having been part of the Roman Empire, a British colony and, most recently, being divided between the North and South following the Turkish invasion. Nowadays the Cypriot economy receives significant direct investments in the sectors of real estate, tourism, financial services and shipping; while tradition runs strong through the island’s sun-kissed villages, Cyprus is open and welcoming to expats and new Cypriot citizens.

Relocating to the EU: What is the fastest route to obtain EU Citizenship? Part 1

There is nothing quite as thrilling and exciting as planning and organizing a new life in a new country and culture. Moving abroad is an incredibly important decision that takes time, planning, strategy, and obviously, funds to afford it. Think of this as a different type of immigration where no one is escaping from political instability or any situation that could put his or her families in danger.

Life After Retirement: Where to Invest and Spend Your Retirement As You Deserve!

A topic that sometimes is difficult to approach, but also a fact which we all must face: the fact that we are getting old and determining the way we will spend our lives after retirement.

Why are EU Citizenship Programmes Now More Attractive than the U.S Residency Programme?

We all have witnessed it in the past decades, people from around the globe looking for better opportunities abroad. That is certainly the primary motivation for many citizens worldwide to relocate to a different country. The U.S has been recognized for many years as home to the largest expatriate population in the world, however, as days go by, we have seen the dramatic way its immigration rules and policies have become stricter in a very short period, heading to a point where having a Green Card might not guarantee the access to the country, and the truth is that, in a changing world, everyone should be prepared for any drastic change in the international scene.