Attractive Changes To Dominica Citizenship Program

Real estate investments in Dominica are now more lucrative and beneficial!

The new government and program changes to the Dominica Citizenship Program are effective immediately. Invest in your future now and let our consultants assist you along the way.


Changes to the program:
  • The age for dependent children has been raised to 28 years(used to be 25)
  • The age for dependent parents has been decreased to 55 years(used to be 65+)
  • The cost of adding a newborn child has been decreased to $2.000 (used to be $10.000).




Real Estate Government fees changes:
  • For a family of 4 - $75.000(used to be $115.000)
  • For a family of 6 - $100.000 (used to be $155.000)
  • For a dependant older than 18 years - $25.000 (used to be $50.000).



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