Why a Second Passport

  • Entrepreneurs and business persons in need of frequent travel without border limits.
  • Should the political climate worsen in your country or in the country where you reside, a second passport is essential.
  • Families with a prosperous and comfortable lifestyle will benefit immensely from a dual passport.
  • Own and register your assets around the world to better balance your wealth and investments.
  • Travel between countries facing conflict with neighbouring and other governments.
  • Protect the future of your family and generations to come by having / buying a second passport.
  • Should the Government revoke your ID due to missing documents, policy review/changes or inability to prove family ancestry.
  • Instability of government and politics of your country with no possibility of quick resolve forcing you to buy a second passport.
  • Having a passport as opposed to Travel Documents which restrict travel, conducting business, accepting company assignments abroad and general freedom.
  • No means of acquiring citizenship though naturalization for citizens living abroad.
  • You do not wish to immigrate and/or wait years before buying a second passport.
  • To start your new business and avoid immigration bans and financial sanctions.
  • There are religious, social and cultural prejudices and discrimination against your nationality or ethnicity.
  • Forced or drafted by your government to support your country during war due to title or age, driving you to buy passport.
  • Your children are Americans or Canadians because of “Jus Soli” (birthright citizenship) and you are still seeking a solution.
  • Your Government controls, limits and requires that you register your travels.
  • Your wife, your husband, your children or most of your family have a stronger ID than yours.
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