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From Background Checks to Boundless Opportunities: The Importance of Police Clearances in Investment Programs

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Date Published: July 18, 2023 | Date Updated: July 18th, 2023
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One of the most essential documents in any citizenship by investment application is the police clearance certificate. It is one of the foundations upon which a due diligence check is conducted, and it is the basis for investors to meet the “good moral character” requirement of any citizenship program.

Since this document carries such importance, it is worth exploring it a bit more and understanding what it contains and how to get it.

What Is A Police Clearance?

A police clearance certificate is an official document issued by a government agency that verifies an individual’s criminal record or lack thereof.

It contains information about any arrests, charges, convictions, and other court records related to the individual. This document is used for various purposes, such as employment background checks, visa applications, immigration status renewals, and – to the point – citizenship by investment applications.

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It can also be used to prove good moral character. Knowing what information is included in a police clearance certificate can help individuals understand their rights and responsibilities regarding the law. 

What Information Does A Police Certificate Contain?

The information on a police clearance certificate is divided into two parts; civil information and criminal activity (or lack thereof).

Civil information can include social security numbers, ID number, addresses, date and place of birth, nationality or nationalities, immigration status, photo, fingerprints, or more, depending on the issuing country and agency.

In terms of criminal activity, a police clearance typically contains information about the applicant’s criminal record, including arrests, convictions, probationary periods, and any pending charges. It may also include information about the applicant’s civil court records, such as restraining orders and bankruptcies.

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It is important to note that minor offenses that resulted in a warning and not a charge may not appear on a police clearance, depending on the government issuing it.

Also, in the case of pending charges, a citizenship by investment application will not be approved as long as there is a pending charge. If an applicant has a pending charge, they must wait until the court releases a not guilty verdict, obtain a new police clearance certificate, and then apply to the program.

Who Can Request A Police Clearance?

Any citizen or resident of a country can obtain a police clearance. Visitors on a visit visa cannot get one since they are not technically residents of the country.

A person wishing to apply to a citizenship by investment program must obtain a police clearance from their home country and any country they resided in during a set time period depending on the program they are applying to, usually the past ten years. This is usually a simple task as governments keep records of their current and previous residents.

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But in some cases, such as former residents of Saudi Arabia cannot issue a police clearance from the country if they no longer have residence status. This issue is well known to Caribbean governments and can be circumvented by signing an affidavit with an explanation of the matter and the conditions when they left the Kingdom.

A police clearance can be issued to adults and, in some countries, to minors above the age of sixteen.

How Is A Police Clearance Certificate Obtained?

The process of obtaining a police clearance is quite simple but can vary depending on the country and the law enforcement agency issuing it.

In most cases, the applicant must submit a request and provide proof of identity. The applicant may also need to appear in person at the police station to have their fingerprints taken. Depending on the circumstances, they may also need to provide additional information or documents if requested by the issuing authority.

To know more about getting a police clearance and the documentation you need to apply for a second passport through investment, contact us today to speak with an expert.

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