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Grenada: Major improvements to the Country’s Citizenship by Investment Program.

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Date Published: May 27, 2019 | Date Updated: August 13th, 2020
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Savory & Partners is glad to announce that the Government of Grenada has made major changes to the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program.

Last week, Grenada’s House of Representatives and its Senate endorsed a list of amendments that formally set into law many of the announced modifications.

New Amendments

  • The requirement for child dependents to be enrolled in an educational institution has been removed.
  • The age restrictions for qualifying as parents or grandparents have been removed.
  • The requirement for parent/grandparent dependents to live with the main applicant has been removed.
  • A formal regulation to retain the approved investment for five years following naturalization has been added.
  • A formal regulation to permit those who obtain citizenship by the purchase of real estate to re-sell the same real estate to new CIP applicants.
  • Unmarried siblings above the age of 18 as a qualifying dependent are now eligible to apply.
  • Addition of children of the principal applicant or spouse born within 12 months of approval as a qualifying dependent.

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