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Benefits Of Being An EU Citizen – Malta Citizenship By Investment

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Date Published: February 6, 2024 | Date Updated: February 7th, 2024
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Benefits Of Being An EU Citizen - Malta Citizenship By Investment1

EU Citizenship is a primary deciding factor in one’s quality of life. The passport a person holds can elevate or depreciate every aspect of a person’s day-to-day experience.

Those who hold the citizenship of a developed country are, on average, privy to better healthcare, political freedom, legal procedures, education systems, travel ability, and more.

The EU, combining 27 countries within one economic and political bloc, is one of the world’s leading superpowers, and citizens of its member countries have the added benefit of being able to take advantage of any aspect within any country in the Union.

Getting an EU citizenship, however, may be a long process that requires years of residence. That isn’t the case in Malta, though, as its citizenship by investment program, dubbed the MEIN, allows investors and their family members to obtain Maltese citizenship in as little as one year.

This quick process allows them to benefit from all of what an EU citizenship has to offer, and this piece will cover some of the most popular of those benefits.


What Are The Benefits of EU Citizenship For Elevating Quality Of Life?


Access to the EU

Maltese citizens are EU nationals and thus have access to the entirety of the EU. They can move freely within the Union, but that movement does not rest at just mobility, as they can reside, study, work, establish a business, invest, or retire in any country within the bloc.

By becoming a Maltese citizen, a person has unhindered access to all of the EU countries. They can set up a business in the Netherlands or study in Germany. They can do medical procedures in Norway or spend a year on the sunny shores of Greece. It is all open; it is all accessible.

Therein lies the true beauty of EU citizenship. Gain the citizenship of one member country, and you have access to all of them. This is commonly known as “immigration springboarding”, in which a person will obtain a citizenship or residency from a country that offers a simple procedure to gain access to reside in another country that has a complex immigration framework.

Maltese citizens enjoy EU-wide retirement freedom, with the ability to settle anywhere in the bloc for their golden years.

Tax Restructuring

Malta has a non-dom tax regime, which is an excellent option for those who want to alleviate their tax burden. Malta’s non-dom tax regime does not levy tax on income or capital gains derived from outside of Malta except for the amounts transferred into the country.

It also sets the income tax rate at a low 15%, much lower than the higher echelons of the normal progressive tax rate that can reach a high of 35%.


Access to Healthcare

Maltese citizens have the right to access state-provided healthcare. While EU citizens have the right to pursue healthcare throughout the entire EU, many won’t look far beyond Malta.

The country’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world, as evident by the World Health Organization (WHO) ranking it the fifth best healthcare system worldwide with a score of 98%.


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Citizenship by Descent

Citizenship by descent is a complex matter that incorporates many variables, such as place, time, and nationality at birth. In some countries, having parents with a citizenship but living abroad wouldn’t be sufficient to grant their children citizenship.

However, Malta’s naturalization process is much simpler than that, and investors who obtain Maltese citizenship can rest assured that their future generations will benefit from having that citizenship as well.

Malta’s streamlined naturalization process ensures peace of mind for investors, providing a legacy of citizenship benefits for future generations.


Global Mobility

EU member country passports are some of the best in the world. The EU negotiates visa-free entry as a unified bloc, giving it greater sway and leverage to negotiate visa-free waivers with other countries.

The Maltese passport is one of the best in the world, granting access to over 185 destinations worldwide, including the US, UK, Canada, and many more.

Being part of the EU, Malta benefits from visa-free waivers that are signed by the Commission, and the stability of those waivers is much higher than that of a country operating by itself.

Maltese citizenship grants enhanced global mobility. Being an EU citizenship, it grants elevated mobility security.


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