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Your Journey Beyond Second Citizenship With Savory & Partners

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Date Published: August 18, 2023 | Date Updated: August 18th, 2023
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Your Journey Beyond Second Citizenship With Savory & Partners

Savory & Partners is a globally recognised award-winning Citizenship by Investment company specialising in the EU, the United Kingdom, and British Commonwealth nations. It has coverage in over 20 jurisdictions and was the first firm to obtain all five authorised agent licences for the governments of the Caribbean Islands.  

With presence in 7 countries and over 60 experts worldwide, we have processed second passports for over 5,000 families with a 100% success rate. As a British family company with roots established over two centuries ago, Savory & Partners has been a trusted advisor for investors, business owners and families worldwide. The company has an overall 4.8 Google rating and more than 200 positive reviews.

Five Must-Haves In A Second Citizenship Agency 

Over the years, Savory & Partners has expanded its offerings beyond Citizenship and Residency by Investment.  

In addition to helping clients with obtaining a Dubai Golden Visa, our Real Estate division offers Developer Representation, Luxury Branded Residences, Advisory Consultation, purchase and sale of international properties. 

Through our Global CEO networking channel, we explore the world of business and bring you the strategies and tactics used by top CEOs around the world.

Additional Services We Offer

Our services to you do not stop once you’ve attained a second citizenship in your country of choice. With the additional services we offer, Savory & Partners ensures your transition is smooth, wherever you go.  

Here is how we support you in your journey after obtaining a second passport. 

Adding Newborn to Your Citizenship

If there is a new addition to your family, your newborn will obtain a passport in the shortest timeframe possible. 

Adding A Spouse & Additional Dependents

If you want to add your spouse or, your siblings, parents, or grandparents as dependents to your citizenship, we can do that for you at an additional fee.  

It’s important to note that the number of dependents you can add to your citizenship is based on the region’s CBI program. 

Acquiring Government Documents

With our help, we will process the paperwork and submit the required documentation to ensure you get the government certificate needed for any legal work. 

Opening A Bank Account

With a new passport, you gain financial freedom, such as the ability to open an offshore bank account.

Citizenship by investment - Savory & Partners

CEO & Founder Jeremy Savory, receiving the Excellence Award at Niche Awards Egypt 2023.

Establishing A Business

We can help to process the paperwork to acquire government certificates needed to start your business. We will tell you various ways you can start your business without making it into a costly enterprise.

Obtaining Your National ID Card

A national ID card is an invaluable part of your identity to leverage the benefits of your second citizenship. 

Obtaining A Driver’s License

We can help you obtain a second form of identification, such as a driver’s license.

Replacement Passport

If you have lost your passport, you don’t have to worry. We can easily obtain a replacement passport for you.

Passport Renewal

All your necessary documents are on hand with us to help you renew your passport without delay. 

Our team of consultants are experts in these additional services to help establish your new life and business in a new country. For support in other matters concerning business administration, portfolio and investment management, we are happy to advise and connect you with a specialist.


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Jeremy Savory

About Jeremy Savory

Jeremy Savory, the founder and CEO of Savory and Partners, runs one of the world’s leading HNW citizenship by investment firms. The second passport company has coverage in over 20 jurisdictions including Europe.

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