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What Is Remote Oath Of Allegiance?

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Date Published: October 25, 2022 | Date Updated: October 25th, 2022
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The process for obtaining a Second Citizenship by Investment has been simplified over the past few years, especially during the wake of the global pandemic, when Government CBI Units had to adapt and find innovative ways to handle Citizenship by Investment applications.

This is when the “Remote Oath of Allegiance” was introduced by certain Citizenship by Investment Units, looking to ease the process for acquiring a second passport, while individuals were facing travel restrictions worldwide.

Don’t miss our video to learn how you can benefit from this innovative method to obtain your second citizenship and passport from the convenience of your home.

Jeremy Savory

About Jeremy Savory

Jeremy Savory, the founder and CEO of Savory and Partners, runs one of the world’s leading HNW citizenship by investment firms. The second passport company has coverage in over 20 jurisdictions including Europe.

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