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Cyprus EU Citizenship New Update For Investors To Not Wait Any More

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Date Published: January 24, 2024 | Date Updated: January 24th, 2024
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Cyprus EU citizenship New Update For Investors To Not Wait Any More

The government of Cyprus has amended a law that will significantly benefit investors seeking EU citizenship through Cyprus.

Under the new naturalisation rules in Cyprus, specific qualified individuals can become eligible for citizenship in as little as three years.

The revised law will also legally oblige the government to handle naturalisation applications within eight months.

This makes Cyprus the only EU country with a golden visa program that officially codifies the processing time for naturalisation applications, setting a cap of only eight months!


What are the Revised Citizenship Criteria?


To be eligible for Cypriot citizenship, foreign nationals must meet specific criteria:

  1. Continuous residency
  2. Long-term residency
  3. Character assessment
  4. Language proficiency
  5. Cultural understanding
  6. Financial stability
  7. Intent to reside in Cyprus

This is the same regardless of which type of residence permit they hold in Cyprus.


What’s Remarkable About Cyprus EU citizenship New Rules?

1- Once you have resided in Cyprus long enough to become eligible for citizenship, the government must now process your citizenship application within eight months.


2- Highly skilled non-EU nationals living in Cyprus employed in sectors the Council of Ministers deem significant will see their residency period reduced sharply if they can demonstrate a modest proficiency in Greek.


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Under normal circumstances, the time it takes to reach eligibility for naturalisation in Cyprus is seven years. This timeframe will be reduced to:

  • 4 years for A2 certificate holders
  • 3 years for B1 certificate holders


Contact our RCBI experts for a quick consultation on how you can take advantage of Cyprus’s new rules.

As of January 2024, individuals holding Cypriot citizenship enjoyed visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 182 countries and territories.



The Cypriot Citizenship by Investment program started accepting applicants in 2002 and has most recently gone through significant amendments to simplify the process. The straightforward and quick process has made it one of the most attractive European citizenship programs for investors.

Find out more about other popular pathways to obtain a residency in the European Union.


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