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Emiratis Can Now Travel Visa-Free to Commonwealth of Dominica

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Date Published: March 10, 2020 | Date Updated: August 24th, 2020
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Citizens of the United Arab Emirates are now eligible to travel to the Commonwealth of Dominica without the need for a visa, the Dominica Government has announced.

The agreement came on effect on February 24th, after the opening of the Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Capital city of Abu Dhabi last month.

Holders of UAE Official, diplomatic, special and ordinary passports can now visit the Commonwealth of Dominica without a visa. Conversely, citizens from Dominica with an official and diplomatic passport can enter the UAE with a visa upon arrival. In contrast, those with and ordinary Dominica passport can visit the UAE by applying for an e-Visa.

Holders of UAE Official, diplomatic, special and ordinary passports can now visit the Commonwealth of Dominica without a visa.

“The visa waiver agreement is yet another important step in the development of strong bilateral relations between the Commonwealth of Dominica and this dynamic country”, stated His Excellency Hubert Charles, the Dominican Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, in an official press release.

“It not only facilitates official travel but introduces predictability and certainty on the part of citizens of both countries interested in travel for tourism, investment, trade and cultural purposes”, Ambassador Charles added.

Citizens from the Commonwealth of Dominica who obtained their citizenship and passport through the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program, can also apply for an e-Visa through the UAE official website when travelling to the Emirates for leisure or business purposes.

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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit also pointed out that as a result of the Citizenship by Investment Program, the Commonwealth of Dominica already has a small but dynamic population that reside in the United Arab Emirates, which contributes to the dynamism of its service sector and sustainable development at home.

“As a result of the success and good reputation of the Citizenship by Investment Program, investors’ trust in both Dominica and its program remains unshaken. Dominica grants successful CBI applicants valuable citizenship benefits like family security, visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to 140 destinations and growing business opportunities”, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit added.

The Commonwealth of Dominica offers economic citizenship inviting potential nationals from all around the world to make a financial contribution to the country. In return, applicants and their families are given Dominica citizenship and passport.

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment program is based on the law and is guaranteed by the government

A large number of families and single applicants from the Middle East have benefited from this highly reputable Citizenship program, which has been in operation since 1993 and is legally guaranteed by Dominican law.

Top Reasons to Invest in Dominica Citizenship:

  • Visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to over 140 countries including the United Kingdom & Schengen states
  • No taxes on capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance; no taxes for non-residents.
  • There is no need to renounce your current citizenship(s).
  • You make your investment after your application is approved, not before.
  • You can include your children up to the age of 30.
  • No interview, education or management experience required.
  • The Dominican passport is insurance for you and your family against unexpected personal, political or economic strife.

Dominica Citizenship Investment Options:

  1. A contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF): Single applicants must contribute USD 100,000 to the EDF; the fund supports public and private projects within the Commonwealth of Dominica, covering industries such as education, healthcare, tourism, and sports.
  2. Real Estate Investment: Real estate is another investment option for Dominica Citizenship by Investment applicants. The property must be held for at least three years and must be authorised by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The minimum investment amount to apply for this option is USD 200,000.

The Dominican passport is insurance for you and your family against unexpected personal, political or economic strife

There are additional government and professional fees that apply to both options.

If you are interested in securing Dominica citizenship and passport, let us guide you through the Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program. Protect the future of your family by investing in a second nationality and passport, book a FREE consultation today with our team of expert consultants.

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