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How A Second Citizenship Benefits Traders

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Date Published: August 11, 2023 | Date Updated: August 11th, 2023
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How A Second Citizenship Benefits Traders

Nothing better illustrates globalisation than supply chains. By connecting trade routes throughout the entire world, supply chains condense the globe into a fully integrated economic ecosystem. Combine this with investment migration programs throughout the world, supply chain professionals are provided with easily attainable global mobility solutions, such as golden visas or second passports.

How Investment Migration Benefits Traders

Gaining a second passport or residency through investment comes with a multitude of benefits, chief among them are: 

  1. Visa-Free Travel
  2. Business Opportunities
  3. Market Access
  4. Political Stability and Risk Mitigation
  5. Diversification of Assets and Investments
  6. Business Expansion
  7. Tax Reductions

For supply chain professionals such as importers and exporters, gaining greater global access has become a need, rather than a luxury. If you’re in the supply chain profession, these are the best programs available for you:

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

The Caribbean Citizenship Programs are highly affordable, and do not require any residence or visas prior to applying. They are also lightning quick, as the process usually takes between 3-6 months from the date of application.

Caribbean passports are very powerful in terms of travel ability, granting visa-free access to around 150 destinations worldwide, including the United Kingdom, EU, Singapore, and many other essential trade hubs.

Dominica and Grenada both have visa-free waiver agreements with China, which is one of the world’s most important economic and political spheres with a notoriously tedious visa application process.

Caribbean Citizenship: Your Ticket to European Residency

China is the world’s largest exporter of goods with a staggering export value of 3.59 trillion USD in 2022, and it is the world’s second-largest importer, bringing in 2.72 trillion USD worth of goods in the same year. Gaining direct access to the Chinese trade market is a crucial step for any global importer or exporter.

Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts & Nevis, and St Lucia were recently placed on Canada’s visa-free list, meaning that they now have access to Canada on the condition that a citizen of these countries has already issued a visa once in the past ten years.

Caribbean countries are considered tax-friendly destinations that do not levy global income, wealth, capital gains, or inheritance tax. Importers and exporters can leverage this tax framework as citizens to restructure their tax burden.

The five countries have outstanding offshore financial services sectors, allowing traders to set up bank accounts, offshore trusts, and LLCs that can help them restructure their financial value chain to maximize profit and elevate financial security.

Citizenship by investment - Savory & Partners

Grenada and Dominica both have visa-free waiver agreements with China, one of the world’s most important business hubs.

EU Golden Visas

Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, and Latvia all have their own version of a Golden Visa, while the one that garners the most attention from the media – the Portuguese Golden Visa – is still active, albeit with ongoing amendments.

While Portugal’s Golden Visa has a residence requirement of just seven days a year, Spain, Greece, Latvia, and Cyprus do not have any, but if someone wants to obtain citizenship, they must physically reside in the country for a specific amount of time.

Malta is a bit different since it has a permanent residency program, which is one of the most affordable in the world, starting at just €110,000, but it also has a direct citizenship by investment program starting at €690,000.

Five Start-Up Visas You Should Know About

Malta’s passport is one of the best in the world, providing its holder visa-free entry into a staggering 187 destinations worldwide, Portugal’s passport is even more impressive with its 188 visa-free destinations.

But even a residency permit on its own can boost a person’s travel ability, as all the EU countries mentioned, except Cyprus, are part of the Schengen Zone, meaning a resident of these countries can access the rest of the Schengen Zone visa-free.

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

The program has various investment categories, but the most prominent is undoubtedly the real estate option for $400,000. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program has naturalised over 19,000 people since its launch in 2017, and it remains very popular among investors.

The recent appointment of financial master Mehmet Şimşek as the Minister of Finance should also boost the country’s economy, as his previous reigns in the ministry have seen him curb inflation and cut the trade deficit, all good things for supply chain professionals to capitalise on.

Turkey’s passport focuses more on visa-free travel to Africa, Asia, and Latin America, meaning if a person obtains a Turkish passport alongside a Caribbean or EU one, they will unlock almost every country on the map.

Citizenship by investment - Savory & Partners

An EU residency permit can boost a person’s travel ability, as its holders can access the rest of the Schengen Zone visa-free.

The US EB5 Visa

The United States of America remains the largest importer in the world with an import value exceeding $3.27 trillion in 2022 and is also a major export hub having exported more than $2 trillion in the same year.

The overall trade value of the US makes it the world’s second largest trading nation only after China. And accessing the United States is quite simple through the EB5.

The EB5 visa recently underwent changes, and the minimum investment amount in a regional center is set at $800,000. After five years of residence, green card holders can apply for the US passport.

An Abundance Of Options

To be able to evolve their business, traders should be able to access the world with relative ease, something that can be done through obtaining a second passport or residency by investment.

The options are plentiful, the process is very simple, and the costs are highly affordable. To know more about the best investment migration programs for importers and exporters, contact us today to book a consultation with one of our experts.


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