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How a Second Passport Could Positively Impact Your Children’s Future

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Date Published: October 25, 2019 | Date Updated: April 14th, 2023
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The fact that children’s nationality and passport could negatively impact the course of their future is something that any parent would rather not think about.

Sadly, it’s an uncomfortable reality that thousands (even millions) of parents must face in today’s world. And the truth is that nationality, citizenship and passport of any child, which is decided randomly by birth, can have a large-scale impact on the opportunities your children will enjoy in future life.

Having that said, how exactly can a second citizenship and passport contribute to your children’s future? We discussed this topic with our team of expert consultants, and they gave us their view on how can children benefit from a second citizenship and passport:

Travel The World Freely

It’s not a secret that travel to Western countries such as the Schengen States, USA, Australia, the UK, New Zealand or Canada gets difficult; especially for young, unmarried adults who recently graduated from University.

Young adults aged 18-30 from countries often seen as having a high emigration risk such as Lebanon, India, Bangladesh, Sudan, Pakistan, Somalia or Nigeria, have big trouble in being granted a visa, even for tourism purposes.

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By providing your children with a second nationality, they will easily travel to more than 130+ countries without any visa restrictions, and obtain certain visas more efficiently, regardless of their age or original nationality.

Higher Education & Job Expectations

EU passports allow your children to live, study and work in any country of the EU; as an example of this, the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program would allow your children to obtain European citizenship within three months and enjoy visa-free travel to 170+ countries worldwide including the EU, UK and Canada.

On the other hand, certain countries do not grant work permits or student visa extensions once they complete their studies or work permit abroad, only based on their nationality. Having a strong passport will allow your children to study and work in the country where they feel more comfortable or where they find more opportunities in their careers.

How a Second Passport Could Positively Impact Your Childrens Future

Unfairly, there is a trend in many expat markets, where employers base their salary bands on the basis of the employee’s nationality; this unfair practice can have a negative impact on your child’s future, as he or she might face an unreasonable disadvantage compared to Westerns, when starting their career, based on the nationality they hold, instead of their talents and skills.

Life Insurance For Your Children & Future Generations

Some of our clients have turned their interest towards second citizenship due to medical treatment for their children, as they require more advanced care, which may only be available in some Western countries. Travel restrictions imposed recently by some governments might impede your children’s access to life-saving medical support in case they need such assistance. With a second passport, your children should not even worry about this.

Also, as a dual citizen from a reputable nation such as Malta, for instance, your children are automatically citizens of the European Union (EU) and entitled to consular protection and support from any EU consulate globally.

Getting Rid of Prejudgment

Unfortunately, and given the geopolitical scene, certain nationalities are put in disadvantage, considered as suspicious and can be seen as a security risk depending on the nation where the individual is landing. With a second citizenship and passport, your children will avoid any arbitrary prejudgment.

“Securing the future of their children is undoubtedly the number one priority of our clients who choose to invest in economic citizenship”

As a Government Approved agent, Savory & Partners has accompanied and assisted hundreds of families across the Middle East in securing their second citizenship and passport in the EU and the Caribbean over the past years. Book your free consultation today to learn how Savory & Partners can help you secure your future and the future of your family with your second citizenship and passport.


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