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How Residency by Investment Broadens Your Children’s Education

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Date Published: January 19, 2022 | Date Updated: January 19th, 2022
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Universities in Europe

Helping their children fulfil their potential is one of a parent’s most important jobs. Nevertheless, this task is hindered by circumstance, as a person may live in a country that does not offer the education prowess or routes of experience that can match a child’s skillset. This is where residency by investment comes in. 

Residency by investment allows people to obtain a second residency by investing in a country’s economy, usually through buying real estate or bonds. However, the definition of investment here is much wider than one may assume, as the investment is not just in a tangible asset such as an apartment or block of land, but rather in something much more important – in your children’s future.

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By getting a second residency in another country, you (at least) double the opportunities and tools your children have. Depending on the country you choose, your children will be able to pursue their passion and obtain all the means they need to succeed. But what if they could obtain an infinite amount of opportunities?  

The Golden Visa & Education 

Now, if you were to obtain a residence in the United Kingdom, for example, your children would have the chance to study and learn in one of the world’s best education systems. However, the UK is not the only nation with an outstanding education, and students remain within its realm.  

The EU, on the other hand, is an entirely different prospect. Housing 28 different member states, it offers students something much larger, and much more diverse, while maintaining the high standard (if not even going above) of education found in the United Kingdom.

Study in Europe

Obtaining a golden visa allows your children to study in the nation of residence as domestic students, giving them greater opportunities and chances to succeed.

Obtaining an EU residence means unlocking the entirety of the Union’s opportunities. With global education powerhouses such as Germany, Spain, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Malta, and many more all part of the EU, your children will be spoiled for choice.

The good news is; getting a residency in the EU has never been easier. Through Residency by Investment Programs, dubbed golden visas, a person can obtain a residence permit for themselves and their family by purchasing property in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, or Latvia. 

But how does it work? And what are the real advantages? 

How Golden Visas Lead to Better Education 

Getting a golden visa is easy; buy a property and obtain your residence permit. However, when it comes to unlocking the entire EU’s education system, it goes a bit further than that. 

For a student to be considered an EU domestic student, they either need to have a permanent residency in an EU country or have obtained EU citizenship. The latter, of course, opens more doors and provides greater advantages.

Portugal requires golden visa holders to live just 7 days a year for 5 years in Portugal to apply for citizenship.

University of Porto, Portugal.

Golden visas offered in the nations of Greece, Cyprus, Spain, and Latvia all provide their holders with residence permits with no fast track to citizenship. A person wishing to obtain citizenship in Latvia must reside five (5) continuous years there, while Greece and Cyprus require a stay of seven (7) years, and Spain has the highest period of ten (10) years.

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But it is in Portugal and Malta where things get interesting. Both residency by investment programs have fast tracks to citizenship. Malta requires a residence of one (1) or three (3) full years on the beautiful island, depending on the investment amount, to obtain Maltese citizenship. 

Portugal, on the other hand, requires golden visa holders to live just seven (7) days a year for five (5) years in Portugal to apply for citizenship. Portugal also has a lower investment threshold than Malta, making it one of the best options for those looking to easily and quickly get an EU citizenship.

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The country also allows the addition of all financially dependent children of the applicant, making it much more holistic in nature. Once a child obtains EU citizenship, he has the opportunity to pursue their passion throughout any of the 28 member states without any obstacles whatsoever.

Advantages In Terms Of Education 

Obtaining a golden visa allows your children to study in the nation of residence as domestic students, giving them greater opportunities and chances to succeed. However, if they become citizens, the advantages are much more wholesome.

More Diversity 

EU citizens can choose which EU country they want to study in, and that gives them a wider array of options. An EU citizen is treated the same everywhere throughout the Union, as, for example, a Portuguese national can pursue education in Germany as a German national would.

This means that children can choose the programs and majors that suit them best. Portugal universities are known for their focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Germany boasts outstanding engineering and medical programs, while Spain has one of the best art education systems in the world.

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Greece is home to one of the best healthcare systems globally, and that reflects within its universities, while Ireland, which is becoming a major global hub for business, excels in offering management and entrepreneurial courses. The options are limitless, and children can choose what and where they want to study.

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Tuitions & Scholarships 

Any EU citizen is considered a domestic student, which means they can pay lower tuition than if they were to study as international students. Domestic students pay tuition that is sometimes as low as 50% of that of their international counterparts, but sometimes they may not even need to pay anything.

Some countries, like Germany and Finland, do not charge any tuition, regardless of the student’s nationality. Others, like Ireland and Sweden, however, are free to EU nationals, meaning a child with an EU passport has a greater chance of obtaining free education.

Children with EU passports can also apply for a wide range of scholarships available to EU citizens only. But it isn’t just about the money; these scholarships give children an insider chance to attend certain programs at specific universities, which come with even greater benefits going forward.

Study in Europe - Savory & Partners

EU citizens can choose which EU country they want to study in, and that gives them a wider array of options.

Greater Experience 

Education is just the stepping stone for children, as they will then have to hone their crafts. The EU offers endless opportunities in that regard, as, unlike the UK, for example, students in the EU are free to roam 28 countries looking for internships and employment.

Children can also choose where they want to learn, be it in bustling cities such as Berlin or Madrid or more eco-friendly areas such as the French Riviera or Porto.

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The EU allows children to choose their major and find the best place to master their craft. Whether they go into medicine, engineering, IT, agriculture, arts, business, or otherwise, the Union offers great opportunities to all.

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