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PM Hopeful for Improved Relations With Canada

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Date Published: January 11, 2016 | Date Updated: August 19th, 2020
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(ZIZ News) — St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris says he is optimistic that his government will repair the relationship between the Federation and Canada.

Speaking shortly after the departure of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who was in the Federation on family vacation, Dr. Harris said his administration will continue to rebuild trust, particularly in the country’s Citizenship By Investment Program.

“Trust was destroyed under the former administration and we intend to rebuild that trust, not for its own sake but to enable the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis to benefit from the strongest possible relationship we could develop with Canada, with the USA, with the European Union and with the United Kingdom,” he said.

He added that work in this regard has already begun, as the Team UNITY Administration looks to strengthen the CBI Program.

Citizenship Program Improvements

The Prime Minister described the Program as “stronger, more robust in the due diligence,” adding that that the government has made internal changes such as employing new Management Information Systems at the unit.

Dr. Harris said “we brought into bear a higher level of managerial staff so that greater efficiency and effectiveness can of course be realised from that unit. We have involved service providers, developers; our international stakeholders, Canada, USA, EU, the UK in the reforms that are taking place at the unit and in the shifts in policy with respects to the Citizenship By Investment Program.”

Saint Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program

The Prime Minister said going forward, decisions taken by the St. Kitts and Nevis government will be more in line with international best practices.

“We will shoulder our international responsibilities well to ensure while we exercise as our sovereign right to determine the path of our own development that we do so responsibly and we do so in a way that minimise any negative impact to the security interest, in particular, of any of our allies and indeed any other member state,” he declared.

Source: Ziz News

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