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What is the cost of Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment?

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Date Published: September 21, 2020 | Date Updated: June 8th, 2021
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Interest in obtaining second passports has steadily risen among businesspeople and High-Net-Worth applicants over the years. Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs have become a popular route for fast and efficient legal citizenship in the countries who offer said program.

In 2017, the idyllic island of Vanuatu implemented the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program – the only one of its kind in the South Pacific – establishing itself over the years as one of the quickest paths on the market to second citizenship through investment for individuals and their families.

Here, we’ll answer the most important question when seeking a second passport: what does Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment cost?

In This Article:

  1. About Vanuatu’s CBI Program
  2. How Much Does it Cost?
  3. Value for Money

Moving to a remote tropical island paradise is a dream for many people. The balmy weather, attractive environment and easy-going lifestyle of an archipelago nation appeal to tourists, retirees’ and expats alike. The latter is particularly popular as obtaining citizenship in a Caribbean or South Pacific country opens the door to many opportunities and comes with great benefits, including visa-free travel, favourable tax regimens and access to lucrative business prospects.

And as Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the fastest and simplest processes to a second passport and its associated benefits, it is easy to see the appeal for potential investors.

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All that is required on the applicant’s part is a donation to the government of Vanuatu and to pass all due diligence checks. Before we discuss the cost of Vanuatu’s citizenship through investment, it is worth learning more about the program itself.

About Vanuatu’s CBI Program

Applicants to the program are required to make a minimum monetary donation to the nation’s government and must pass the due diligence process in exchange for full legal citizenship in Vanuatu. Individuals who are 18 years and older are in good health, have no criminal record and have confirmed investment sources can apply to the program along with their eligible dependents.

Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program was designed to be fast and efficient. There are a few straightforward and easy steps to complete in the application process and pending approval from the nation’s government, successful applicants will receive citizenship. The entire process is simple, transparent and efficient, and will take anywhere from as little as 45 days to 4 months at the most for an individual to receive their certificate of naturalization and Vanuatu passport.

Vanuatu’s CBI program is based on the law and is guaranteed by the government since 2017. There are no physical residency requirements nor are there any mandatory visits to Vanuatu needed before or after the application process. The government of Vanuatu does not require applicants to pass any interviews, language tests or possess any previous work experience to qualify for citizenship. Dual citizenship(s) is permitted and the applicants home authorities will not be notified of the new citizenship. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The Government of the Republic of Vanuatu launched the Development Support Program that legally grants citizenship to individuals in exchange for a monetary donation used to support infrastructure and strengthen the economic development of the country. 

Individuals can apply as a single applicant or as a family with up to 4 members. The investment costs are as follows:

  • Single Applicant: $135,000
  • Family of 2: $165,000
  • Family of 3: $180,000
  • Family of 4: $195,000

Additional family members added to the application will cost $15,000 each.


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Not included in the above-mentioned amounts are other associated costs like the authorised agent’s professional fees, official application forms, certification of citizenship and passport, couriers and other disbursements. When choosing Savory & Partners as your authorised agent and advisor, you’ll be provided with a fully-itemized quotation that contains no hidden costs.

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Before applying to any Citizenship by Investment Program, individuals must ensure that they are rendering the services of a government authorized agent and advisor like Savory and Partners. The internet is rife with fraudulent companies offering scams that promise citizenship within an implausible timeframe and at an impossibly low price. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Value for Money

Now that we’ve looked at the costs involved in Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program, it is worth discussing the benefits that are associated with this island nation’s passport.

The major draws of Vanuatu citizenship are the freedom of movement and favourable tax laws. Holding a Vanuatu passport allows visa-free travel to over 125 countries including Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and the Schengen Area countries like Germany and France. The country’s tax regimens impose no taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, dividends, gifts, wealth and inheritance.

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Besides the benefits mentioned above, Vanuatu provides an attractive tropical environment with a growing economy and a high standard of living that’s perfect as a new or second home for an investor and his/her family. Vanuatu is most people’s idea of paradise.

In fact, Vanuatu is such a stable and peaceful country that it does not have Regular Armed Forces and has been declared the happiest place on the planet several times. More than just an ideal vacation destination, Vanuatu has become a quintessential place to live, work and retire for both you and your loved ones

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