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Total Area:




9.985 million km²

38.25 million

French, English


Exchange Rate:

GDP – Per Capita (2023):

GDP – Total (2016):

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

1 USD = 1.37 CAD

USD 53,247

USD 1.988 trillion

Officially recognized as the Dominion of Canada, this vast North American nation is home to a diverse population of over 38 million people. Spanning an expansive total area of approximately 9.98 million km2, Canada showcases breathtaking landscapes and a rich cultural tapestry. Ottawa serves as the capital, while Toronto stands out as the largest and most dynamic city.

  • Canada actively engages on the global stage, being a member of key international organizations such as the G7, G20, UN, and NATO. The country has a reputation for embracing diversity and is known for its commitment to peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts.
  • Governed as a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, Canada enjoys a well-developed and advanced economy. The nation is a global leader in various sectors, including technology, natural resources, and manufacturing.
  • Canada’s industrial prowess extends to industries such as natural resources, technology, and manufacturing. It is a significant player in the global production of minerals, energy, and forest products.
  • The country boasts an extensive transportation network, featuring a vast road system of over 1.4 million km and a comprehensive railway network. Canada is served by numerous airports, connecting it to the world.
  • Known for its exceptional quality of life, Canada offers accessible healthcare and education systems. The country observes multiple time zones, with Eastern Standard Time (EST) being one of them.
  • In terms of demographics, Canada has a well-distributed population, with approximately 16.3% in the 0-14 age group, 66.9% in the 15-64 age group, and 16.8% in the 65+ age group.
  • English and French are the official languages, reflecting the nation’s colonial history, and the population follows a variety of religions, with Christianity being the predominant faith. Canada’s cultural landscape is enriched by its Indigenous heritage and a thriving immigrant community.

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