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  • Greece Country profile
  • Benefits of the program
  • Investment requirements
  • Visa-free and visa-on-arrival country list
Benefits of Greece Residency
Protected by the government citizenship law
Immediate access to 26countries without visa
Obtain irrevocable citizenship and passport
Take full control of your and your family’s wealth
  • Travel directly from your country of origin to any Schengen country including the United Kingdom
  • Residents are welcome to travel and reside freely within the Schengen Area for up to 3 months every 6 months period with the right of multiple entries.
  • No need to reside in Greece.
  • You can obtain European Member status with Greek Residency in as little as 2 months.
  • You and your family enjoy European Residency status for a lifetime.
  • Tourism is a major source of foreign revenue, therefore, there is a high demand for rental properties.
  • Citizens have the right to live and work anywhere within the 34 countries of the European Union (EU).
  • Access to state of the art healthcare systems.
  • Residents and Citizens have the right to attend schools and universities within any EU country; Citizens for free or at heavily subsidized ‘ EU national’ rates.
  • Citizens can also benefit from the world-renowned and leading healthcare systems in the EU.
  • Strategically located, beautiful natural environment, safe country and sunny Mediterranean climate.
  • Open to all Nationalities.
  • Open bank accounts and expand investments worldwide.

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