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Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment – A Positive Outlook For 2024

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Date Published: February 9, 2024 | Date Updated: February 16th, 2024
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Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment - A Positive Outlook For 2024

Antigua & Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) is set for another remarkable year in 2024. 

The program, which is one of the world’s most popular CIPs, has performed admirably since its launch in 2013 and has continuously evolved to become a streamlined operation that provides massive benefits to both the country and investors through a simplified process. 

Applications for Antigua & Barbuda’s CIP have exponentially increased throughout the years, boasting a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3% between 2013 and 2022. 

The program’s popularity stems from its affordability and colossal benefits, making it a remarkable venture and excellent value for money. 


Investment Routes


The program has four different investment options: 

  1. A donation to the National Development Fund (NDF) starting at $100,000 for a family of four 
  2. A donation to the University of West Indies Fund (UWF) starting at $150,000 for a family of six 
  3. A real estate investment option with a minimum of $200,000 
  4. A business establishment option starting at $1.5 million

The NDF donation is a highly affordable option for single applicants and small families, while the UWF is one of the most economic citizenship by investment options for families with large compositions.


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The real estate option also provides investors with interesting and potentially profitable assets that can provide them with solid returns throughout a five-year holding period before they can be resold. 

The reasonable pricing of the program is just one of the reasons that the CIP is so popular, and going into 2024, we expect it to perform admirably, maybe even registering its best year ever.


More Benefits

Antigua & Barbuda’s passport is a robust travel document, providing visa-free access to over 150 destinations worldwide, including highly desirable locations such as the UK, Hong Kong, and the entire EU. 

The government continues to improve its passport to provide greater global mobility to its citizens and bolster its CIP. 

In a recent meeting with top Chinese officials, the Antiguan government signed ten memorandums of understanding (MOUs) to enhance the political and economic ties between the two countries. 

Among the MOUs, one concerned signing a visa-free waiver agreement between the two countries, giving Antigua & Barbuda passport holders visa-free access to China. This is a major coup for the Caribbean nation, especially considering how complex Chinese immigration laws can be. 

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment - A Positive Outlook For 2024

Unlock the world with Antigua & Barbuda’s powerful passport, offering visa-free travel to 150+ destinations, including top spots like the UK, Hong Kong, China, and the entire EU.

Mandatory Interviews

By conducting interviews with applicants, the CIU opens a communication line and adds transparency to the program as applicants will be in direct communication with the government during the process for the first time.


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A Possible Price Hike Looming 

One thing investors should look out for in 2024 is the possibility that Antigua & Barbuda, and the rest of the Caribbean CIPs, follow in St Kitts & Nevis’ footsteps and raise their minimum investment amounts. 

While no official statement has yet been released, this remains a possibility, especially after the EU suggested that the countries raise their minimums during a meeting in Dominica at the end of January. 

For investors that are considering a second citizenship and want to benefit from everything Antigua has to offer, this possible change means they have a window of opportunity to apply before any change comes into play. 


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A Top Program for 2024 

Antigua & Barbuda’s CIP is simple, affordable, and beneficial. It is an outstanding venture that allows investors to elevate their entire lifestyle and set up a Plan B for their families. 




To know more about Antigua & Barbuda’s CIP, contact us today to book a comprehensive consultation with one of our experts.



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