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Historic: Dominica appoints first female president

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Date Published: October 6, 2023 | Date Updated: October 6th, 2023
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Historic: Dominica appoints first female president

In a significant milestone, the Commonwealth of Dominica has appointed its first female president, Mrs. Sylvanie Burton. This historic moment marks a huge step forward in promoting gender equality and inclusivity in the nation’s highest leadership roles. Mrs. Burton, a distinguished former diplomat, and a seasoned professional, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her new role.

In the last twenty years, three Caribbean countries have been governed by women. Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana, three former British colonies, shared the experience of having appointed women leaders.

Dominica’s progressive decision aligns with the global movement for women’s empowerment in politics and leadership, setting an inspiring example for the world.


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