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How to Get a Portugal Golden Visa Through Real Estate Investment

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Date Published: October 1, 2020 | Date Updated: January 31st, 2021
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Portugal's Golden Visa through real estate investment

The Portugal Golden Visa program was launched as a means for non-European Union nationals to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in Portugal and Europe. It is one of the most popular residency by investment (RBI) programs in the world, with its straightforward application process and many accompanying benefits attracting foreign investors from every corner of the globe, particularly in the Middle East.

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Over €2 billion has been invested in the Portuguese economy since the inception of the Golden Visa program with the majority of the investments in long-term assets like residential property. Portugal has a strong real estate market with prime property located in premier destinations around the country. Over 90% of applicants in the Golden Visa program have chosen to buy property in Portugal.

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It is a sound investment that will not only help you to obtain residency in the European Union but will be a valuable asset that only appreciates over time. Of course, purchasing property is not the only investment option available. Here, we’ll discuss how to obtain EU residency through a Portugal Golden Visa real estate investment and more.

The Douro River in Porto, Portugal.About the Portugal Golden Visa Program

Launched in October 2012, the Portugal Golden Visa Program is a legal naturalization process based on the law that invites foreign investors from non-European Union countries to obtain fully-valid residence permits in Portugal for themselves and their families.

In exchange for residency, applicants to the program are required to pass all due diligence checks and invest in real estate in the country. Once applicants receive their residence permit, they will gain the right to live, work, travel and study in Portugal, with visa-free access to the Schengen Areas. As well as have access to Portugal’s healthcare and consumer rights.

Portugal Residency by Investment Options

Investors are required to be at least 18 years of age, in good health, possess no criminal record, have confirmed investment sources and successfully pass due diligence checks to qualify for a Golden Visa.

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If all the minimum criteria are met, applicants to the Portugal Residency by Investment program are required to purchase property in Portugal before the application can be filed. Fortunately, Portugal’s real estate market is ripe with prime properties perfect for residential and corporate setups. 

Investors have the option of:

  • Paying a Capital Transfer of at least €1 million.
  • Generating 10 new jobs for a Portuguese business or single-member company (reduced to 8 positions if in a low-density area).
  • Investing €500,000 in real estate. This is reduced to €400,000 if located in a low-density area.
  • Investing €350,000 in a real estate rehabilitation project. This is reduced to €280,000 if located in a low-density area.
  • Investing €350,000 into private equity funds.

Successful candidates who meet all the requirements, have made the necessary investment and are granted residence permits will have to visit Portugal for 7 days per year for 5 years and learn Portuguese up to a basic level to fulfil citizenship requirements.

Portugal golden visa through real estate investment.Benefits of Being a Portuguese Resident

The Portugal Golden Visa program is a gateway to endless opportunities and a better, more secure life for an individual and his/her family. The benefits of a Portuguese Golden Visa is more than worth the investment. And here’s why:

  • Freedom of movement: As a Golden Visa resident of Portugal, investors are also classified as a resident of the European Union. They will gain freedom of movement without restrictions in the Schengen Area.
  • Health & Education: Investors and their families can enjoy quality education in schools and universities and world-class healthcare across Portugal.
  • Minimal residency required: The program requires a minimal physical residency in Portugal of 7 days per year.
  • Pathway to citizenship: When investors fulfil all the residency program requirements and hold their residency for 5 years along with learning Portuguese up to a basic level, they are then eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.
  • High-ranked passport: The Portuguese passport is ranked in the top 5 passports in the world for ease of travel.
  • Ease of travel: If residents of Portugal successfully obtain citizenship, they can then enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to over 185 countries and territories, including the USA, Canada and Australia.
  • Safety: Portugal has been ranked as the 3rd safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index.
  • Communication: Limited language barrier as the majority of the Portuguese population can speak English.

Portugal golden visa through property purchase.

Book A Free Consultation

Before applying to any Residency by Investment program, individuals must ensure that they are rendering the services of a government authorized agent and advisor like Savory and Partners. The internet is rife with fraudulent companies offering scams that promise citizenship within an implausible timeframe and at an impossibly low price. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. 

As a British Authorised Agent with decades of experience and over 1,100 families approved, Savory and Partners specialize in granting second citizenship and passports to high-net-worth investors from the Middle East and beyond. 

If you are interested in Portugal’s Residency by Investment program or have a few questions and queries you would like cleared up, book a free online consultation today and one of our agents will happily aid you in securing a better, prosperous future for you and your family.


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