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Iranians banned from Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

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Date Published: August 29, 2018 | Date Updated: August 17th, 2020
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The Citizenship by Investment Unit of the Government of Saint Lucia has notified all authorized agents that citizens from Iran will no longer be eligible to apply to the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program.

It appears the decision was not taken by the Government nor the unit itself, but rather by third-party service providers, whose cooperation is fundamental for the Citizenship by Investment Program to function.


On a memorandum from the CIU dated from August 9th states:

“We have recently been informed by all of the due diligence firms who conduct due diligence checks on behalf of the Citizenship by Investment Program that they are unable to undertake due diligence checks on site in Iran and validate documents issued from Iran. This is applicable for all Iranian citizens residing in and out of Iran.

Furthermore, the sole domestic bank that facilitates banking for the Unit will not facilitate inflows of funds that are coming out of Iran for the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Pursuant to the formerly stated developments, the Unit shall not be accepting citizenship by investment applications from Iranian citizens resident in Iran and elsewhere.

Please be guided accordingly.”

Saint Lucia is the first Citizenship by Investment Program to impose a ban on Iranian applicants. Countries such as Antigua & Barbuda and Saint Kitts & Nevis only receive applications from Iranian citizens under specific criteria.

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Despite this ban, Iranian citizens are welcome to apply in the Citizenship by investment programs from CyprusDominica and Grenada as of today, August 25th of 2018.

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