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Prime Minister Of Dominica Visits Savory & Partners Headquarters In Dubai

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Date Published: March 25, 2022 | Date Updated: March 25th, 2022
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Prime Minister of Dominica and Savory and Partners Management Team

Mr Roosevelt Skerrit, the Honourable Prime Minister of Dominica, visited the Savory & Partners Headquarter in Dubai on March 24th 2022, which further strengthened the government’s 10-year-long relationship with the Savory & Partners team.

Savory & Partners CEO, Jeremy Savory was honored to host the Prime Minister to discuss the expanding investment opportunities and upcoming projects that will benefit future applicants.

The Citizenship by Investment Program has provided Dominica with a much-needed injection of foreign direct investment, often in a way that can make an enormous difference to the island’s development.

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The insightful discussion between the CEO and Dominica’s Prime Minister divulged details about upcoming investment opportunities funded by its CBI program on the island. The funds will be used to build climate-resilient infrastructure that can withstand disasters while creating jobs in construction and increasing tourism.

The Prime Minister shared details of a few projects that are currently being constructed through their CBI-generated funds.

Dominica citizenship by investment program - Savory and Partners

Dominica is a nation that thrives on its financial service sector, its tourism industry, and its ability to attract new foreign businesses to its shores.

The construction of high-end luxury hotels such as Kempinski, Marriott and Hilton will enhance Dominica’s international profile. To make Dominica a five-star destination, the government has teamed up with investors and hotel developers to improve its infrastructure and build environmentally friendly resorts.

Investors can diversify their portfolios by investing in these reputable real estate options while making a substantial return on their investment. It is an endeavor that cannot be missed by the high-net-worth individuals worldwide. 

“Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment program has increased applicant inflow from all over the world. Dual citizenship and tax-friendly jurisdictions are some of the benefits that HNWI’s focus on to expand their global footprint – Jeremy Savory , CEO of Savory & Partners.

According to the Prime Minister, the construction work on Dominica’s first international airport is progressing smoothly. In a newly constructed lab, the soil from acres of land acquired is currently being tested, and equipment has been acquired to conduct geotechnical surveys, which are very important for the construction process.

Rendering of Dominica International Airport

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit believes the citizens of Dominica will be satisfied with the final outcome of the international airport when it is completed.

American Airlines recently introduced nonstop direct flights between certain U.S. cities and Dominica. There are currently talks about expanding direct flights from Dominica to other parts of the US. Prime Minister Skerrit expressed his joy at how the citizens of Dominica will benefit from the availability of direct flights to travel and connect with family and friends.

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The international airport is expected to be completed by 2025 and will open up a world of opportunities for tourism and economic growth.

Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit is also encouraging all second passport holders from Dominica to replace their existing machine-readable passports to the new biometric passports before August 30th, 2022.  This is to ensure that Dominica remains in compliance with international standards and best practices to enhance the country’s border security.

Savory & Partners is honoured and thankful to the Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit for visiting our headquarters and personally meeting the management team. We have been working as an authorised agent for the Commonwealth of Dominica for the past 10 years and will continue to provide excellent service to all the investors interested in Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment program.


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