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Montenegro: Soon to be the Safest Destination in the World

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Date Published: June 2, 2020 | Date Updated: August 13th, 2020
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The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the world in less than 6 months. The infectious disease added a state of uncertainty and daily challenges to the life of each person, business and country worldwide. So, what makes Montenegro different?

Coronavirus Free

Montenegro, which is a small country in Southeast Europe, registered the first case of Covid-19 on March 17 and the first case of death caused by the virus on March 22. Currently, the total number of confirmed cases is only 324, out of which 290 recoveries and 9 deaths. As a result, there are now only 25 active cases in Montenegro. Notably, the European country has conducted the highest rate of Covid-19 tests per million in the region, and no new cases have been registered since May 06. Thus, Montenegro is expected to become coronavirus free very soon.

The Montenegrin Government has started strict preventive measures across the country to fight against Covid-19 disease and even before confirming any case within its territory. Initially, the government closed the borders to prevent the spread of the virus from other countries. The government also has managed to return Montenegrin citizens stuck outside the country back home. Each person returning to Montenegro had been isolated in a hospital for 14 days and then self-quarantined for another 14 days.

As the situation is becoming better, the local authorities started easing lockdown measures at the end of April with necessary directives. To reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission, citizens should wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times when in public.

Tourism Is the Most Significant Contributor to Montenegro’s GDP

Even though some lockdown measures have been eased in Montenegro, the borders are still closed. Knowing that tourism is the largest contributor to Montenegro GDP, the imposed travel ban related to Covid-19 may negatively impact the local economy.

The importance of tourism in Montenegro is primarily due to the great diversity of nature, which offers numerous attractions to tourists. Its breath-taking beaches spread on more than 290 km Adriatic coastline which includes the amazing Bay of Kotor (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979). Besides, inner Montenegro includes many lakes, canyons, rivers and high mountains that make the perfect assembly for a beautiful destination and desirable site to live in. The climate is also very friendly, typical for southern Europe with warm summers and mild winters.

Bay of Kotor - Montenegro

Kotor Bay

What makes this Balkan country unique is its small size; you can reach any destination within the borders in just a few hours of travelling while enjoying the surrounding beautiful nature.

Rich Heritage, Wild Nature and Picturesque Sceneries

Wild nature, high mountains, and hidden paths lakes and small villages – all to be discovered in the least populated northern area of Montenegro. People looking for adventures can explore natural miracles in this region like Piva Lake, Skadar lake, Zabojsko lake, Biograd lake, Black lake and Tara canyon (second deepest canyon in the world).

Tara Canyon - Montenegro

Tara Canyon

Other places to discover in Montenegro:

  • Prokletije National Park (Grebaje valley)
  • Durmitor National park
  • Lovcen National Park
  • Rijeka Crnojevica
  • Zabljak Crnojevica
  • Meandri Cehotine viewpoint
  • Vusanje (the eye of a grasshopper)
  • Lipa cave
  • Canyon Nevidio
  • Trnovacko lake
  • Lake Visitor
  • Hrid Lake

Lake Skadar - Montenegro

Lake Skadar

Montenegro is not only rich in nature, but it’s also rich in architecture and religion. Built high up in the large rock of Ostroska Greda, Ostrog Monastery is definitely among the top religious attractions in Montenegro and one of the most popular Christian sites in the world.


EU Candidate Country

Montenegro is a European country, but not a member of the European Union (EU). The European Commission granted EU candidate status to Montenegro in 2010. The country is predicted to enter the EU by 2025, which will significantly increase the benefits for Montenegrin citizens. The currency is the euro (€), and it’s considered a relatively inexpensive European travel destination. When the local authorities decide to remove the travel ban, Montenegro can become one of the safest and cheapest attractive touristic destinations in the world.

Montenegrin Citizenship

Montenegro welcomes investors who are interested in obtaining European Citizenship and passport through the Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP), which officially started taking applications in late 2019. Currently, the country’s CIP has a limit of 2,000 applications.

The Montenegro citizenship and passport can be obtained through two different investment options*:

1. A real estate investment of at least €250,000 in a government-approved project in underdeveloped regions of Montenegro. A non-refundable contribution of €100,000 to the government development fund is also required.

2. A real estate investment of at least €450,000 in a government-approved project in developed regions of Montenegro. A non-refundable contribution of €100,000 to the government development fund is also required.

*There are additional government and professional fees that apply to both options.

Benefits of Montenegrin Citizenship


  • Visa-free and visa-on-arrival to 120+ countries including the Schengen states, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.
  • There are no taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance.
  • No need to renounce your current citizenship(s), therefore benefiting from all nationalities.
  • The program is based on the law and is guaranteed by the Government.
  • The country is predicted to enter the European Union by 2025, which will significantly increase the benefits for Montenegrin citizens

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