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Relocating to the EU: What is the fastest route to obtain EU Citizenship? Part 1

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Date Published: March 23, 2017 | Date Updated: August 19th, 2020
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Relocating to the EU: What is the fastest route to obtain EU Citizenship? Part 1

There is nothing quite as thrilling and exciting, as planning and organising a new life in a new country and culture. Moving abroad is an incredibly important decision that takes time, planning, strategy, and obviously, funds to afford it. Think of this as a different type of immigration where no one is escaping from political instability or any situation that could put his or her families in danger.

This kind of immigration is for the wealthy who can afford a new life in a new country. Where they will be able to discover and have access to financial opportunities, manage and grow their wealth in such a way it would not be possible in their home country.

There are plenty of reasons nowadays for citizens worldwide to relocate to Europe. Although the move can be a bit challenging for those who are not used to big changes, it can certainly bring a huge number of benefits and opportunities, not only for the person taking this step but for their family and descendants. The truth is that while many governments in the E.U see citizenship as something that can be achieved only after years of residing in the country, a certain number of E.U nations saw the growing citizenship-by-investment industry as an opportunity to generate funds.

These funds can be invested in infrastructure and other social programs, in return for a passport and citizenship. Moreover, even better, some of these countries have shortened the time frames for applicants so that they can apply to E.U citizenship within months, making it even easier for investors and HNW individuals to become a part of this vibrating continent.

The reasons are obvious. Just think of a foreign resident living in Italy; he can only apply for Italian citizenship after four years’ residence only if he is an E.U national, otherwise after ten years. This is a process that could take a decade for any citizen from the Middle East or Asia, not to mention a number of requirements that must be fulfilled throughout the ten year period first to be eligible for the citizenship. In fact, many countries in the E.U have preferred not to grant citizenship as easily, in comparison to other nations in the block. 

The life of an expat, while courageous, adventurous and liberating, can be incredibly stressful, especially if the host country does not recognise them as real national citizens but only as immigrants. However, there is no need to make it more stressful, particularly if one has the means; this explains the good number of wealthy families across the Middle East and Asia applying for economic citizenship in E.U countries with fast-track schemes.

If you are considering to relocate to the E.U, but you also are looking for effectiveness in terms of processing time frames, these are some great options you might want to consider first, so you can start planning. It is wise to remember that moving to a new country is not just a matter of “packing up & leaving”, there is a good number of questions that must be brought into consideration first.

Subjects such as tax planning strategies, wealth growing, gaining significant global mobility through the acquisition of a second or even a third citizenship. The protection of assets and the access to more potential business and investment opportunities have been on the table of prosperous business people who have found in these citizenship-by-investment programs with fast-track schemes. A great chance to become truly global citizens from the EU, with all the perks that come with it.

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