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Why is this the most sought-after Golden Visa?

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Date Published: September 27, 2023 | Date Updated: September 27th, 2023
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Why is this the most sought-after Golden Visa?

For those considering applying for the coveted Dubai Golden Visa, there’s more to this long-term residency opportunity than meets the eye. In addition to securing an extended 10-year stay in the UAE, Golden Visa holders can enjoy a host of exclusive benefits that set this visa apart. Here, we delve into the eight remarkable advantages you can enjoy with the Golden Visa.


Long-term, Renewable Residency

The primary allure of the Golden Visa is the provision of a renewable residence permit valid for an impressive 10 years. As long as applicants meet the eligibility criteria initially set for their chosen category, they can continue to renew their visa, ensuring a stable and extended stay in the UAE.

No Sponsor or Employer Required

Traditionally, UAE residence visas necessitate sponsorship, typically from either an employing company or a resident family member. However, recent revisions to the UAE’s visa regulations have introduced self-sponsored visa options, including the Golden Visa. This self-sufficiency grants visa holders greater flexibility, making job changes, for instance, a much smoother process without the need to cancel their prior employer-sponsored residence visas.


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Extended Stay Abroad

Golden Visa holders benefit from the unique advantage of being able to stay outside the UAE for more than six months without invalidating their residence permit. This contrasts with standard residence visas, which typically become null and void if residents remain outside the UAE for more than half a year.

Enhanced Family Sponsorship

Under the new visa system, all expatriates can sponsor male children up to the age of 25, with no age limit for children with special needs. For Golden Visa holders, the 10-year residency eliminates the need for frequent renewal of family members’ permits. Moreover, the Golden Visa system assures sponsored family members that in the event of the primary visa holder’s passing, their permits will remain valid.

Why is this the most sought-after Golden Visa?

Unlimited Domestic Helper Sponsorship

The Golden Visa’s perks also extend to household staff. Holders of this visa can sponsor an unlimited number of domestic helpers, making it easier to manage domestic affairs and maintain a high quality of life.

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Exclusive Entry Visas

Prospective Golden Visa applicants who are not presently residing in the UAE can apply for a dedicated six-month, multiple-entry visit visa. This visa facilitates the application process, allowing individuals to enter the UAE to complete the necessary paperwork for their Golden Visa application.

Streamlined Driving License Application

Golden Visa holders in Dubai with a valid foreign driving license can effortlessly obtain a UAE driving license. Enrolling at a Dubai driving institute as a student, they can bypass the mandatory lessons and directly apply for the knowledge (theory) and road tests. Successful completion of these tests results in the issuance of a UAE driving license.

Tailored Health Insurance Packages

Full-time employees in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who hold the Golden Visa will continue to benefit from their employer’s health insurance coverage. However, investors, freelancers, and individuals residing abroad must procure their health insurance policies, ensuring comprehensive healthcare coverage during their stay in the UAE.

The UAE’s Golden Visa is not merely a residency permit; it’s a key that unlocks a myriad of exclusive advantages, making it a truly golden opportunity for those looking to establish their roots in this dynamic and prosperous nation.

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