About Grenada

More commonly known as the “Spice Isle”, Grenada offers beautiful unspoilt beaches, diving, sailing, hiking and so much more. With this in mind, the Grenada Economic Citizenship Program offers family security and visa free travel to over 120 countries including Europe’s Schengen zone and tax-free peace of mind for those interested in a second passport. The island welcomes all potential individuals, businessmen and families of highest caliber to come and experience the high end lifestyle and natural beauty that the has on offer.

The Grenada economic citizenship scheme allows qualified investors and their family members to apply for an irrevocable Grenadian passport and avail all featured amenities and facilities that are covered under the Program.

Country Background:

  • This peaceful and welcoming nation in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea comprises of a handful of islands. Famed for its tropical scenery, dramatic waterfalls and stunning beaches, this small archipelago is one of the world’s most exclusive tourist destinations and considered home by many expatriate professionals and second passport holders.
  • Grenada is a politically stable country with the Prime Minister as the leader of the Government. The island has excellent financial regulations and is home to a number of Canadian banks.
  • Tourism is the biggest earner and it directly and indirectly supports much of the country’s 100,000 population. Grenada is the world’s second largest producer of nutmeg.
  • The island is 12 degrees North of the Equator and, unlike many tropical locations, it is outside the hurricane belt.
  • The islands have a tropical sunny climate with an average year-round temperature of 28°c. Although the climate is warm all year round, the island experience some seasonal changes depending on altitude.
  • The island has an excellent infrastructure with modern roads and highways, reliable electricity and water supplies in addition to a state-of-the-art communications network.
  • The country is a member of the British Commonwealth and the United Nations.
  • The legal system is well-respected and based on English law.
  • The islands are easily reachable to visitors with direct flights from Toronto, New York, London, Miami and many other cities across the world.

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment program provides you the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality and Grenada economic citizenship promptly whilst enabling global mobility for you and your family. Contact our professional consultants today for obtaining a second passport through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program.

Country profile

  • Total Area: 344 sq km
  • Population: 107,600
  • Ethnic Groups: Predominantly African descent with East Indians, Lebanese/Syrians and Chinese.
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$)
  • Exchange Rate: (as of August 2015): US$ 1.00 = 2.70 EC$


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