Second Passport: Freeing You from Geographical Constraints

Second citizenship and alternative residence can increase your security and help you achieve a better quality of life. If you’re looking for an extra safeguard and exploring the available options for diversifying your investment assets beyond your country’s borders, there are some significant considerations to be taken into account.

How to Become an EU Citizen in Just 90 Days, Part Two

Although a small island, Malta has a vibrant history with a significant number of historic sites. The island of Malta lies in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, between Europe and Africa. The country is a constitutional republic and parliamentary democracy, and the Prime Minister is the head of the government. Malta is a member of the major international organisations including the United Nations and the Council of Europe, the International Monetary Fund and is a member of the European Union as well as the Eurozone and the Schengen Area.

How to Become an EU Citizen in Just 90 Days, Part One

The Cyprus citizenship programme offers the most simple and efficient means of obtaining EU citizenship, it is the only direct EU citizenship programme as it has absolutely no residency requirement and passports are issued in just 3 months. Investors and their families can obtain full EU rights, including the ability to live and work in any EU country practically immediately.

Exclusive Interview: How Citizenship by Investment Programmes Are Helping People

We live in a very uncertain world, currently fraught with geopolitical tensions, social upheaval and economic ups and downs. For these reasons – and more – people around the world, and especially in the Middle East, are increasingly looking for second citizenships to protect their assets and, more importantly, ensure a secure and prosperous future for themselves and their families.

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