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Date Published: March 16, 2020 | Date Updated: December 9th, 2020
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Ideally located on the southwestern shore of Europe, Spain is autonomous for diverse geography and cultures. Spain Residency offers the perfect geographical location for effective business activities across Europe. Additionally, it has a strong economic infrastructure, benefiting its residents with high standard lifestyle, reasonable living costs, appropriate health care and education.

Savory & Partners is a leading Spain Residency by Investment and Golden Visa Program provider, helping potential individuals, businessmen and families secure Spain Residency. We monitor, evaluate and regulate all possible solutions to ensure they meet the fundamental standards of the Spain Residency by Investment Program. We use our intimate knowledge to ensure the highest success rate with our clients’ applications.

Jeremy Savory

About Jeremy Savory

Jeremy Savory, the founder and CEO of Savory and Partners, runs one of the world’s leading HNW citizenship by investment firms. The second passport company has coverage in over 20 jurisdictions including Europe.

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