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Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa: Embrace Remote Work Amid Vibrant Landscapes

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Date Published: August 15, 2023 | Date Updated: August 15th, 2023
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Spain Digital Nomad Visa - Savory & Partners

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, Spain has emerged as a prime destination for digital nomads seeking a balance between professional growth and unforgettable experiences.

Designed to cater to the growing community of remote professionals, Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa enables individuals to work remotely while exploring the wonders of Spain. With its rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cities, Spain becomes an enticing backdrop for productivity and adventure in 2023.

Renewed for up to five years, the visa allows non-EU citizens to operate legally as digital nomads in the country.

A major advantage of this residency is that an applicant can apply directly from Spain with a tourist visa, getting a 3-year card directly. It is also possible to obtain a 1-year visa from your country of origin (in the Spanish consulate) to enter Spain and modify it later for three years.

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The 3-year card includes both Spanish nationality and permanent residency, which can be obtained after five years as a remote worker or digital nomad in Spain. Aside from the tax advantages, this permit also allows the applicant to include their spouse and children in the same application. 

There are two different profiles of foreigners who can obtain this permit, with slightly different requirements:

  • Employed workers whose company allows them to travel and work remotely from another country (in this case, Spain) 
  • Self-employed workers with several clients spread all over the world or with different sources of income derived from online activities but spread outside Spain.
Citizenship by investment - Savory & Partners

A major advantage of this residency is that an applicant can apply directly from Spain with a tourist visa.


  • The company/s of current employment must be located outside of Spain.
  • Incomes received by Spanish companies (or in Spain) can’t represent more than 20% of the total.
  • Demonstrate working for the current company or having a freelance relationship with clients for at least three months prior to application.
  • Contract with the same company for at least one year.
  • Either demonstrate three years of work-related experience prior to application or be a graduate or post-graduate from a reputable. university, vocational training, and business school of recognised prestige.
  • No criminal record, nor have entry to Spain prohibited.
  • Have private health insurance with full coverage throughout Spain.
  • Bank certificate proving possession of at least €25,000 for the main applicant, which is 200% of the minimum wage in Spain (and €9441 for each additional family member, 75% of the minimum salary in Spain).

What Is A Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who works remotely, often from different locations around the world, using digital technology such as the internet and mobile phones. They typically work in freelance writing, web design, programming, and consulting, among other fields. Digital nomads often travel to different countries to take advantage of lower costs of living and diverse cultural experiences.

What Makes A Country A Good Destination For A Digital Nomad?

A good destination for a digital nomad should have reliable internet access, a low cost of living, and a vibrant culture. Additionally, the country should have a sound visa policy that allows digital nomads to stay for extended periods of time.  

Finally, the country should have a good infrastructure that allows digital nomads to access the resources they need to work remotely efficiently.


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